Ur Beauty Liaison serves clients in a number of industries, including::

  • ​Ur Beauty liaison - beauty, Fashion, & Luxury

  • ur lifestyle liaison - Arts & Entertainment

  • ur sports liaison - Post-Athletic Career Transition

Our consulting firm is organized into three primary service areas:

Our three practice areas



Portfolio Building

Let us put your work together in a layout or format that is best suited for the type of clients you want to deal with. Our job is to present you to your potential clients and package you in the right way so that they’ll hire you. We help mold you to the level where you will be able to work with your desired clientele.

​ *operate on an agency/artist fee to the client. Typically it’s 15% to 20%

Makeup Artist Submission Form 
Hair Stylist Submission Form 
​Photographer Submission Form

*operates on commission-based agreement.



Get Connected to the right people who can provide boatloads of information, tips and action items that help you grow your business. Be Connected to Experts who are on hand to discuss things like: branding, trademarking, copywriting, e-commerce, cosmetics regulations, newsletter publishing, media outreach, video and photography tips and more. You name it and we find the experts you need to help you accomplish your goals. 

Exposure & Experience
Be Connected to upcoming events, fashion shows, seminars, agencies etc to gain beneficial exposure and experience that can be extremely crucial to brand building and positioning yourself and your business. All while building your resume, establishing a strong reputation and developing  business relationships.

*operates on a pay per lead agreement.


Brand Management

​Customer Insights & Segmentation   
Product & Category Management   
Campaigns & Initiatives  
Marketing & Brand Strategy 

Branding Consultations
Media Relations
Online Marketing Program
Crisis Management

Helping build brands by serving as the point-person in the process of maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand so that the name is associated with positive results by developing, implementing and executing marketing initiatives and activities so that brand can remain favorable to customers.

*operates on a monthly retainer

The industries we serve